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Visual Identity - Traveled and Liked

"I Traveled and I Liked: A New Visual Identity for a New Experience"

In the quest to create a striking and captivating visual identity for the travel agency "Viajei e Gostei", we delved into a deep and inspiring creative process. Our goal was to convey the essence of the brand: travel that not only takes people to incredible destinations, but also makes them fall in love with every moment.

Drawing inspiration from the Enchantment of Travel:

The first step was to understand what makes a trip truly memorable. To do this, we delved into research and conversations with the founders of "Viajei e Gostei" to capture the passion and enthusiasm they feel for travel. That's when the idea of using the concept of "travelled and enjoyed" as the core of our creation came about.

A New Journey Starts Here:

The new visual identity of "Viajei e Gostei" is not just an aesthetic change; it is an invitation for travelers to venture out and discover the world with enthusiasm and passion. We believe this visual identity captures the brand's promise to provide unforgettable trips that make people say, "I Traveled and I Enjoyed It."

We are excited to share this new visual identity with "Viajei e Gostei" and its customers, and we hope that each trip is an opportunity to explore, be enchanted and create lasting memories. Join us on this journey and start creating your own incredible stories.

Welcome to "Viajei e Gostei."

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